About the Fulcrum

The planet Hertha, almost 3000 years from now.


The Shadow Sovereign reigns over the Dominion. In 1000 years of Herthan civilization, no one has ever seen him (or her). At this point, he is simply a reality taken for granted, like gravity.

The story centers on a golem pilot, Hiroaki Yeo, who is running from a series of terrible deeds committed in wartime. He flees to the one forbidden area of the map, and there he meets a strange woman who is completely oblivious to the war raging on the rest of the continent. In fact, she has been sent on a sacred mission from her goddess – the “Mother Dragon” – and she will not be deterred from leaving the safety of her home to journey into the war-torn lands south of the Valley.


Fulcrum is a story of madness, free will, endurance, the true nature of love, and – to make things not so maudlin – mechs. Or, more accurately, mankind’s depravity when it comes to ways to obliterate itself.


About the Author/Artist:

Erin has a diverse range of interests, including the occult, military history,

gaming, and sci-fi / fantasy.

BattleTech is a significant influence.

Every experience has led to the Fulcrum.

Age: 37  | she/her | Race: Bridge Troll | Class: very little  | A: True Neutral 


Favorite visual artists:
Thomas C. Lea
Caravaggio, Frank Miller, Alan Forbes

Favorite authors:
Ernest Hemingway
David Feintuch, Storm Constantine

Favorite music:

Favorite American-style comics:
Punisher MAX
300, Thor: God Butcher, 30 Days of Night

Favorite Japanese-style comics and animation:
Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)
Gurren Lagann, Akira, fucking Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and I hate myself for saying so

Drink of choice:
Almost any mid-range bourbon


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