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Will you take the oath of service?

“I, (your name), do swear fealty and obedience to the Dominion.  I pledge my service to the defense and maintenance of her integrity.  I submit willingly to all orders given by my superiors, as sanctioned by the Shadow Sovereign.  I shall not willfully disobey or disrespect any such orders.  And ever, by my life or death, if I may serve the Dominion, let it be so.  By the light of the Torch, in the names of the Freedom and Perfection of Man, I so swear.”

Team Cerberus?  Who the hell’s that?  Find out …

Fulcrum is a Web-Based Experience

There will be regularly updated source material found on the website as we uncover new information in the story.  Sometimes, there will be little clues hidden in the source material, too.  Fulcrum is designed as a complete site experience; the comics will be enough to understand the story, but the enjoyment will be enhanced if you keep up with the source materials!  


The Characters page will tell you about the important characters we have met in the story as of its most recent update.  Their profile will be updated with what we currently know about them.  If you aren’t caught up, watch out for spoilers!


The geography of Hertha, and the prefectures explained.  As we cover terrain in the story, landmarks will be added.


There are numerous strange animals native to Hertha, such as the tanotaur, the mopf, and the oculet!  Enjoy their field guide excerpts.


Technical readouts for the golems piloted by the Shadow Sovereign’s forces.  Let’s take a good look at that GRN-93.


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