Here I have collected all the Fulcrum stories for your convenience.


Academy Days

Featuring Kiva, Aki and James in year one of Kinnomori Military Academy.

Find the ongoing novel, written from Kiva’s perspective, on Tapas.

Most of the story is written, and I am uploading as I refine and edit.

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Interlude 1: Action Figures Available Now

Placement: After C1E15
Perspective: Cerberus
Synopsis: Team Cerberus is pulled for a recruitment photo shoot. Kiva and Aki debate the merits of such a requirement.

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Memories Hurt

Chapter 1 Conclusion

NSFW (but really not that bad)

Placement: End of C1
Perspective: Aki (mostly)
Synopsis: Aki is reminiscing on the relationship he once had with the person he left for dead when he deserted and ran to the mountains of Brock Prefecture.

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(by Steve McDougall)

Interlude 2: Everyone Needs a Friend

Placement: After C2P4
Perspective: James
Synopsis: James is looking out for Kiva after his recovery from the incident in Shinchaw. 

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Interlude 3: The Shape of Things to Come

Placement: After C2P18
Perspective: James and Kiva
Synopsis: The remains of Cerberus have been sent to hunt down Hiroaki Yeo and bring him back for Tribunal. But something else is going on behind the scenes…

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The Competitor

Chapter 2 Conclusion

Placement: End of C2
Perspective: Dia
Synopsis: Dia has transferred to Kinnomori Military Academy in second year. She’s ready to prove she’s the best. She meets equals for the first time, and the beginning of Team Cerberus is sparked.

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Memories Still Hurt

Chapter 3 Interlude 1

Placement: After C3P10
Perspective: Aki
Synopsis: Aeliana asks Aki to show her why he ran from the battle. She learns about his history with Kiva and Dia, and why he feels he cannot face them.

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The Rake at the Gates of Hell

Placement: After C3P14
Perspective: Kiva
Synopsis: Kiva decompresses after the fight, and tries to get a handle on his emotions. A new friend helps.

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