Chapter 1 – 25 – Food For Wolves?

This song doesn’t mean anything.  Or does it?  I just like it.  It’s my favorite movie music.  Aki also likes this movie.  Citizens of the Dominion have access to “every” film ever made.  Aki is a super nerd over Old Earth movies.  Bet you can’t guess his favorite though (I’ll tell you later).

Chapter 1 – 24 The Hands of Time Have Brought You Here

Aki loves Old Earth power metal.  He’s a bit OE-obsessed.  Aki was the kind of kid who always wanted to be a paladin.  As usual, life turns out different than planned, despite our best efforts.  You should be able to easily imagine Aki sitting with his nerdy OE-style headphones on, listening to the song below.  ((And you – if you don’t like power metal, why are you even reading this comic? ))